New Old Stock | Discontinued Tires


Some real gems in the automotive world come in the form of New Old Stock (NOS) parts. NOS parts haven’t been sold at retail and usually have never been installed or used. In many cases, the unique auto parts survive for decades hidden away in warehouses and are perfectly good parts otherwise. In the case of tires, the won’t survive for decades like a spindle or brake rotor would and need to be sold sooner, before age becomes a problem. When tires do reach the age where reliability or performance becomes a concern, there’s still life left in them, just not on the open road. Many collector vehicles don’t see much time on the road and simply need good looking original tires for display purposes. Collectors also use authentic original tires for displays in museums and displays that often depict service stations and garages from the era of their vehicles. For display purposes in the collections and museums, NOS is often the perfect choice for authentic presentation of a collector automobile. Our New Old Stock tires are offered for display purposes only. They offer all of the authentic details of their brand new siblings at a reduced cost. The inventory of NOS tires is always changing and provides collectors a unique opportunity to update display-only automobiles and cycles more affordably. These tires are also outstanding to use as ‘spares’ and in authentic display background pieces. In some case our NOS tires will appear ‘dirty’ from storage but usually clean up well with a little elbow grease. NOS tires from Coker Tire company are not intended for use on the road and are offered with no warranty.